Propane FAQ

Can I just buy a case to fit my 5lb. tank? 

Not at this time.  If you would like to be added to a contact list for a case, please email  Note our cases only fit a small portion of 5lb tanks out there, so please let us know which tank you have and we can help make sure that we are a good fit for you. 

Has my Ignik tank been purged, and is it OK to fill? 

Yes, we purge every tank at the factory to make it OK to ship.  Your local propane refiller should be able to put 1.1 to 1.3 gallons of propane in each tank, depending on their pressure settings.  It helps a lot if you tell them that is how much you are looking for!

How do I know when my order will ship? 

If you ordered from us, we send you a tracking number the day that we build your Gas Growler, or the day that your order is picked.  Depending on the shipping method you choose, the tracking will either be for UPS or FedEx Ground.

Do I need a special regulator or filter to use my Gas Growler with my stove or heater? 

Not usually.  Generally your stove or heater has a regulator that is either high or low pressure, and this is located either in-line or at the gas flow controller.  We only know of one manufacturer who recommends adding a filter, and they sell a filter for their devices.  Consult your heater manufacturer for their recommendation (if you use our 2-in-1 heater stove, you don’t need anything else!)

How big of an area with the 2-in-1 stove heat?

 About 250sf in a well-insulated, but ventilated space.  Less, if it is completely unsheltered from wind. 

My 2-in-1 Stove won’t start.  What do I do? 

Sometimes it can be difficult to get the pilot light lit, and to get it to stay lit.  Try pressing in and turning the knob on, releasing it, and then depressing it again while turning to low and holding it in.  You should hear a hiss of gas, and a soft “poof” that is the pilot light starting.  The piezo sometimes sparks just before gas comes out, and this process gets them synched together again.  After the pilot light is lit, and you can see it in the vents just above the control knob, wait 5 seconds, and then turn the heater to your desired setting.  Note:  if you don’t hear or smell gas coming out during this process, check your connections, make sure your tank is full and the valve is open, and try again.

The top of my Gas Growler case comes apart.  What’s up with that? 

An earlier version of the case was designed with the top removable to make more room for accessories, and to increase compatibility with other tanks.  We decided to secure it to give your tank a bit of extra protection.  If it comes loose, you can re-glue it with a hot glue gun, or use it without the lid insert.  Or we will replace it for you, if neither of those options works for you.

How much fuel does the Gas Growler hold?

One full Gas Growler is equal to about 5 disposable propane bottles.  That means you get 5 times as much heat, or 5 times as many meals.  And no messy bottles to throw away.  Each fill up is about 1.1-1.3 gallons, depending on settings at your local propane station.

How much is refillable propane versus disposable propane bottles? 

Your local price may vary, but if you cook or heat much, the math looks something like this:  Fill up on Growler with 1.2 Gallons of propane.  Cost:  $3.50-$4.50.  Or buy 5 disposable green propane bottles at $5-8 each.  $25-$40, depending on where you shop. 

How should I get rid of my old green bottles?

This varies from location to location, but generally they cannot be recycled.  So a landfill is your best option.  Aren’t you glad you bought a Gas Growler?

Do you have retailers in Canada?

Not yet, but we are looking for good partners.  And we are happy to ship to you from our store!

Who do I contact about setting up a wholesale account?

Please email and we will help you get the information you need.

Some places with not fill my tank or has a large minimum to fill it.  What should I do?

Propane fillers are an eclectic bunch of businesses.  We find that larger fillers like UHaul, Cenex, and even Costco know and understand the rules.  If you tell them the tank holds 1.2 Gallons, they should be able to help you.  But if the shop you are talking to won’t help, find one you can.  And if you find a really good one, please share with us as we would like to give them some love!

Can I transport a Gas Growler in my car?  Yes. 

It is both safe and legal to transport your Gas Growler in a car.  Please make sure that you carry it upright, no smoking with propane aboard, and do not leave it alone in a closed vehicle.  In most cars it is illegal to carry more than 4 tanks or 90lbs of propane.  (That’s a lot of Gas Growlers!)

Can I fill it myself from my 20 pound tank?

No.  That is illegal, and may be dangerous.  Propane tanks should be filled by a certified propane reseller only.

Can a Gas Growler be stored indoors or in vehicles?

The Gas Growler, and all propane tanks need to be stored in a properly ventilated area.  Vehicles need to have vented storage lockers, and any indoor or covered storage needs to be properly ventilated.  It is OK to store your Gas Growler outdoors in any covered location!

Is this Gas Growler DOT approved? 

Yes, DOT and CSA (Canada) approved.  We do not have approvals for other countries at this time.

Will this work with my stove or heater that uses the 1 pound green propane cans?

In most cases, yes.  The only exceptions we know of are stoves, lanterns, and heaters that use the 1lb bottle as a base.  Our Gas Growler doesn’t usually fit in these devices, and they do need proper support to function safely.

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