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Toe Warmers

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More Heat, Less Waste.

Ignik Toe Warmers are Arctic Grade, designed to solve the biggest problems you face with cheaper air-activated warmers; providing reliable, consistent, and long-lasting heat when you need it and with less waste.  We start with the highest quality, naturally active ingredients. The contents are safe, all-natural, and biodegradable. Our AirBarrier™ pouch keeps more air out for more reliable heat - up to 8 hours each, more heat than the leading brands. The resealable top gives you control to use the warmers when you need them. Store unused open warmers for up to 72 hours later.  The outer pouch is reusable and 100% recyclable. The end result is a higher performance toe-warmer, which is more efficient and less wasteful. 

How it works:

They are simple to use. Open the bag, take out a warmer, and give it a shake. The air will activate the warming agents and in 5-10 minutes the warmer will be giving off a nice heat. Peel the back off the toe warmer exposing the adhesive and stick in into a desired place on your sock or insole for maximum comfort inside your boot or shoe. Our safe, natural air-activated warmer keeps you warm even in extreme cold.  

Best of all, they are 98% Biodegradable.  When you are finished, just cut the warmer sack and compost the natural chemicals inside.  They make great fertilizer!



Ignik's Multi-use Warmers are designed as long-lasting, efficient heat. If you don't use all your heat, simply reseal your partially used warmer in the AirBarrier™ pouch and reactivate the remaining heat up to 3 days later. We believe that you should use all your heat. Also, the inside contents are 100% biodegradable and the packaging and outer are recyclable.


HEAT TEST RESULTS Temperature efficiency over time. 


1. LESS WASTE Made from 98% biodegradable materials.

2. LONGER LASTING More heat than the leading brands.

3. RESEALABLE TOP Patent-pending resealable top to store warmer for later use.

4. AIRBARRIER™ Pouch that keeps air out for more reliable heat. 100% recyclable. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Molly Ren
Life saver

Still don’t think they hold true to the 6-8hrs claim, but I guess 5hrs is pretty close. When breaking them up for the compost bin, you have to break it down a little more than the hand ones. I feel like the stickiness is way better than the Hot Hands brand. Sometimes I have to hold them on there for a few seconds, but they have a really solid stick, especially once you’ve been standing on them for a bit. I notice they don’t stick well on socks that might have pet hair on the bottom.

Frank Lilly
Good heat, good cause

I don't ask a lot from my toe warmers, but these ones work great and I really like the idea that these guys give back to the planet.

Wait and you will be rewarded

The key part of getting the most (heat) out of the Ignik Toe Warmers is pulling the toe warmers out of their sealed package and allow air to get to them. This starts their chemical reaction/heating process. One should wait it 40-60 min to allow them to get hot. I put a food thermometer between the two warmers to monitor their heat gain. This needs to be done before installation on one's foot/sock and putting in the shoe/boot. If you do not do the above the warmers cannot build up heat and more than likely you will be disappointed.
This can be a challenge because one cannot install the warmers just before one heads out into the cold. It sure is for me. SO to get the heat you want pull the warmers out at the beginning of your outdoor prep. This is, in reality, no different than another cold weather tactic - starting your car and letting it run so its engine gets warm so the heater and defroster will be blowing hot air so you can see out your window and you car will be warm. Wait and you will be rewarded. The lead up time is why they only get 4-stars. They keep my feet toasty on below freezing MTB rides once sufficient time is given to get them up to temp.

Billy Williams
Waste of money

I have purchased almost every product this company makes and every single one is half assed! Bought a 10 pack of these from REI literally only 2 worked in the entire pack!
Giant waste of money, again on Ignik products!

Hi Billy,

We're so sorry to hear that you've had a bad experience with the Toe Warmers! Like all of our products, the Toe Warmers are covered by our Ignik Performance Promise. Our customer service team will be in contact with you to help get this resolved for you!


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Our hand warmers reach a max temperature of about ~140 degrees F, with an average temp around 135 degrees F. The exact temperature will vary slightly depending on environmental conditions and the amount of air the warmer is exposed to. 140 degrees F is generally accepted as the high end of the range for safe and comfortable heat. For maximum comfort, we recommend using these warmers outside of a glove liner or other layer of clothing; or if your gloves have a zipper pocket, our warmers will fit nicely inside!

The short answer is, "probably". But it does depend on just how wet the warmers get.

The warmers generate heat via a chemical reaction which is catalyzed by air flowing through tiny holes in the pouch. A large amount of water can block the airflow to the contents of the pouch, impeding that reaction. The warmers will not work well, if at all, if they are submerged or totally saturated. On the other hand, light to moderate rain, or the amount of moisture that might be generated by sweat or a bit of snow melting on your gloves, is not likely to impede the function of the warmers significantly.

If your warmers do get very wet and it seems like they are not working adequately, drying them off and then giving them a vigorous shake should get them working, though they still may not give off quite as much heat as fresh dry ones.

Each set of Ignik warmers comes in a resealable AirBarrier™ pouch, which you can use to extend the lifespan of your warmers. If you come in from the cold while your warmers are still working, you can store the opened warmers in the AirBarrier™ pouch and reuse them up to 72 hours later. AirBarrier™ keeps the air out for more reliable heat and is 100% Recyclable.

Our Air-Activated Warmers are effective for 3 years from the manufacture date, and the expiration date is marked on each package. The packaging is usually what fails first, so storing extra warmers in an airtight bag may provide added security that the warmers will work when you need them most.