Propane FAQ

Why are Green Propane Bottles so Bad?

Disposable propane bottles are a waste of resources. They only hold enough propane to heat for an hour or so. They are heavy, relative to the amount of heat they produce. They rust and stain your boat, car or tent, and you end up carrying dead soldiers a lot longer than you would like sometimes.  And the one thing they should be good at--throwing them away—isn’t even that easy. Some waste facilities don’t want them. Others want you to puncture them. With what? Meanwhile the marine and RV industries use easily refillable DOT certified tanks. The Gas Growler takes the same trusted technologies and customizes them to make them easy to fill, carry, and store.

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How do you know that the Gas Growler saves 100’s of Green Bottles from going to the landfill?

The math is pretty simple. If you do only 40 hours of heating a year, that takes about 40 green propane bottles. The Gas Growler is certified initially for 12 years. So 12 x 40 = 480. If you are a commercial guide, running a heater in your drift boat, that’s a lot of green cans to haul around or throw away. Many guides run their heaters 4 hours a day, 7 days a week during fishing season. That’s 100s of propane bottles per season. They need Gas Growlers, and so do you!

How much fuel does the Gas Growler hold?

One full Gas Growler is equal to about 5 disposable propane bottles. That means you get 5 times as much heat, or 5 times as many meals. And no single-use bottles to throw away.

How much is refillable propane versus disposable propane bottles?  

Your local price may vary, but if you cook or heat much, the math looks something like this:  Fill up one Growler with 1.2 Gallons of propane. Cost: $3.50-$4.50. Or buy 5 disposable green propane bottles at $5-8 each.  $25-$40, depending on where you shop. Bottom line: One tank of gas costs about what 1 bottle does, but it gives you 5X as much heat.  That’s a No Brainer, People!

How many hours will one fill last?

That depends on the device you’re using and propane consumption. The Gas Growler will last five times longer than a green single-use propane bottle.

Where can I fill the Gas Growler?

You can fill the Gas Growler anywhere that fills the large 20 pound propane tanks. We are working on an interactive map to help you locate those places. 

How much fuel does the Gas Growler hold?

The Gas Growler is a 5 pound tank. It holds about 1.2 gallons. Five times as much as one single-use green propane bottle.

Is this Gas Growler DOT approved?

Yes it is. The Gas Growler complies with DOT specifications 4BA, 4BW and 4E. It is safe to transport in your car, SUV, RV, or boat. 

How should I dispose of single-use green propane bottles?

That is a question plaguing campers, boaters, and outdoor enthusiasts for years. Ignik will be setting up collection sites at our retail partner’s locations. Depending on local laws and recycling centers we will try to puncture and have as many bottles recycled as possible. 

I heard that you can refill those single-use green propane bottles in your home? Is that true

There are aftermarket adapters for refilling the single-use green propane bottles. The adapters do not have a shut off valve or overfill relief. 

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