Current heating products have a long way to go. It was the lack of sustainable solutions that drove us to found this company. By using Ignik products, you help reduce the impact that humans leave on the planet every year. See below for a detailed description of our improvements by product: 

Gas Growler 

The Ignik Gas Growler Deluxe is a reusable propane tank designed to replace the single-use green propane bottles. Each time you refill the Gas Growler you are saving money and keeping five single-use propane bottles out of the landfill. It is packaged in a kraft box with a paper label, padded with repurposed shipping boxes and paper. All packaging can be recycled with cardboard and mixed paper. It can be used for 12 years, and then needs to be re-certified, but if cared for properly, can be used for years after that. It represents a huge improvement over the tens of millions of single-use propane bottles that must be disposed of every year.  

Air Activated Warmers

Our Air Activated Warmers are 98% recyclable or compostable. They are packaged and shipped in a kraft box with paper labels. All shipping can be recycled with cardboard or mixed paper.
The Air Activated Warmers are packaged in a reusable plastic bag that we call the AirBarrier. It is a critical component to assuring your warmers perform as you expect them to. It has other purposes as well. It can be used to store a warmer for later. Simply replace one of the warmers in the AirBarrier pouch, flatten to remove as much air as possible and seal to save one warmer for use up to 24 hours later. The plastic pouch can be reused to hold money, ID, cards, change, tissues, fishing flies, or whatever else you need to keep organized. We are working on compostable or biodegradable solutions to replace the plastic bag in the future.

The contents of the Air Activated Warmer pouches are compostable. Simply cut the pouch open and pour the contents into your compost. The AirBarrier pouch is a critical part of our patent pending air regulating heat technology. At this time the pouch needs to be disposed of with mixed garbage. We are working on materials that will regulate air flow and are compostable or biodegradable, and we are committed to improving the 2%. For more information about where to recycle our packaging materials, check out for a list of recycling rules and drop-off locations near you. Thanks for your support!