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Hand Warmers: A Real World Test

The first thing I did when preparing for hunting season last fall was to buy a box of every brand of hand-warmers on the market. I had seven different models from several different brands, along with Ignik’s entire catalog of air-activated warmers. To make it a fair test, I decided to treat them all the same, even though right out of the gate there’s a major difference...

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The Definitive Camp Guide to
Sustainable Propane

While propane as a fuel source is environmentally friendly, the disposable canister it often comes in is decidedly not. The common 1-pound size is convenient but doesn’t last very long; as a heat source, it only supplies heat for about an hour. And though they are affordable, at $4-8, 80% of that cost pays for the container and only 20% for the fuel you need (refuelyourfun.org). Perhaps most surprisingly, because propane under pressure is highly flammable and therefore considered a hazardous material, it costs more to dispose of these containers than it does to produce them.

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A Rusted Green Bottle That Started A Fire

After crossing a bog, we burst through some Devil’s Club and on to the beach. And there it was. Reminding me that, no matter how far you venture, those little green bottles follow you. How many of us have them, in the garage, in the bilge, in the back of the truck, rusting slowly, waiting for someone to figure out what to do with them. What are we supposed to do with them anyway?

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