12V Vehicle Adapter
12V Vehicle Adapter
12V Vehicle Adapter

12V Vehicle Adapter

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Ignik Custom 12V Vehicle or Basecamp battery adapter with a 6ft cable. Used for maximum heat output.

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Does not have LED to verify connection

I bought 3 of the Flipside bed heaters- one had an issue with the cord only being 1 ft long instead of 6ft. Ignik quickly sent me a new cord. BUT- it is different than the other 2 cords which have an LED to verify power is good. This cord does not have that- given the flaky nature of cig outlet connections this is not good. I despise cig plug connections but unfortunately they are the defacto standard for many things 12V. A light to show the connection is good is a must. Bring back the LED!

Bought for teardrop trailer

Bought two heated pads to go between the mattresses and memory foam on our teardrop trailer. Haven’t taken it out yet, but with a couple blankets on it, the surface of the mattresses were raised from below 40 degrees to over 60 degrees in 10 minutes or so. The wattage draw is spot on too. Looking forward to trying them out “in the field”. Happy so far.

Chris B.
Pricey for what it is and should have been included with the purchase of the heated seat pad

You wanted an honest review so here it is. The seat pad itself is expensive on its own at $100, and only comes with a usb-c adapter or a 5.5mm barrel connector. The fact that this adds an additional $30 to the overall price is a bit absurd. For $99 you really don’t get much since you also have to buy accessories if you don’t already have them. At least if the cigarette lighter adapter was included, most people would have an immediately usable product instead of having to buy the batter pack along with it.

James Reid
Bought for the back side heated pad

Works perfect to keep the backside heated pad powered and it uses less juice on my power station than with USB. Plus works great when using the heated pad as a seat warmer in the Jeep.

A must have

A must have for your heated blanket.

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