Air Activated Warmers FAQ

What makes Ignik warmers better? 

Ignik warmers have performed better in temperature efficiency providing 11% more heat than one competitor and 35% more heat than another. On top of this, Ignik hand warmers use a patent pending temperature regulation system to control how long your hand warmers will last. Ignik warmers are also 98% recyclable. 

What is Ignik's Patent?

Ignik warmers come in a resealable pouch made of AirBarrier™ material in which you can store you open warmers in for later use. Up to 72 Hours Later! AirBarrier™ keeps the air out for more reliable heat. And is 100% Recyclable.


How are Ignik warmers recyclable? 

Our Air Activated Warmers are 98% recyclable or compostable. They are packaged and shipped in a kraft box with paper labels. All shipping can be recycled with cardboard or mixed paper. The contents of the Air Activated Warmer pouches are compostable. Simply cut the pouch open and pour the contents into your compost. At this time the pouch needs to be disposed of with mixed garbage. We are working on materials that will regulate air flow and are compostable or biodegradable, and we are committed to improving the 2%. For more information about where to recycle our packaging materials, check out for a list of recycling rules and drop-off locations near you. Thanks for your support!

 How do Ignik warmers work for my phone, tablet or device? 

Most modern devices are designed to work at temperature over 32ºF. If you've ever been on the chair lift or working outside and your device suddenly shuts down with plenty of battery charge, you know what we're talking about. Ignik has designed warmers to help eliminate this problem. They come equipped with easy on, easy off adhesive to hold on to your device will you're staying active and sized properly to keep your equipment warm. Your device goes where you do, let Ignik help make sure it will work.

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