Heated Sleep System FAQ

What Is a Heated Sleep System? 

The perfect accessory for all your outdoor recreation and adventure needs. Whether you need a little more comfort at the ball game, need to heat your core temperature in winter camping conditions, or just need to keep your tent or rv a little more cozy, Ignik’s Heated Sleep Systems has you covered. Ignik’s patent-pending Radiant Carbon Strand Technology eliminates the bulky wires of traditional heated blankets, providing a lightweight, portable heat system that delivers the maximum amount of warmth to your setup.

Do I need to buy a battery for the Heated Sleep System? 

Yes, our Heated Sleep System line is powered by 12V rechargeable power supplies. All products connect directly to a standard 5.5 x 2.1mm barrel plug. Check the details for each product to see what adapter are included or available.

Will this work with the battery I already have? 

Maybe. We are compatible with most 12V and 5V power supplies. To learn more about specific batteries CLICK HERE

Can I use a USB 'Power Bank'? 

Yes, a 5V USB-A power bank will work for all the products *except* the Heated Bed Cover. These products include a USB-A adapter with a 'Step-Up convertor to power these products using 5V. When using a 5V power supply, the product enter  'Comfort Mode', and efficiency setting that automatically conserves battery and operates at a lower heat level.

How HOT do these get? 

Using a 12V power supply, all products are automatically in 'Max Heat Mode' and can reach a maximum temperature of 140-degrees-F. Using a 5V USB-A power supply, all compatible products operate in 'Comfort Mode' and can reach a maximum temperature of 85-degrees-F.

Will it use up my battery if I run it all night? 

It varies by product and by mode. For details of the Power Modes and a Power Consumption CLICK HERE

How is this product environmentally friendly? 

All of our Heated Sleep System products are made using 100% recycled polyester (like recycled water bottles). Our fabric is bluesign certified. Additionally, the Radiant Carbon Strand heating elements are made with Carbon Fiber, which is a highly efficient conductors (using less electrical power) and highly durable, so they will last for years.

What is Ignik's Patent?

Radiant Carbon Strand Technology: The Ignik RCS Technology utilizes a 3-layer design to provide focused heat in key body-mapped areas. With button controlled power and comfort settings, this system allows you to boost your core temperature where and when you need it. The 100% recycled polyester outer material is made from recycled water bottles and provides a soft contact area for the body. The 2 inner layers combine a stranded carbon fi ber, super-efficient heating element with a heat refl ective directional layer that bounces the thermal energy back to the user, while at the same time, providingprotection from cooler outside elements.


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