The Ignik Gas Growler

Green isn't good enough

48 Million single-use green propane bottles end up in landfills each year. Most places will not recycle the bottles. They are truly a single-use product. 


We can do better

Green propane bottles are wasteful, messy, and a pain to dispose of properly.  Ignik solves problems like this. The Gas Growler is a refillable no-waste solution for heat and cooking in the outdoors. We enable you to heat, cook, survive, and thrive  in the outdoors, with less waste.


The Ignik Gas Growler holds the equivalent of 5 green bottles. Filling the Gas Growler costs about the same as one green bottle. It is like getting five for the price of one, plus no single-use trash is created. 

Performance Promise 

 Ignik Gas Growler Deluxe


Easy to setup and comes ready to use with all your existing cooking and heating devices that use single-use green propane bottles.





FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Green Propane Bottles so Bad?

Disposable propane bottles are a waste of resources. They only hold enough propane to heat for an hour or so. They are heavy, relative to the amount of heat they produce. They rust and stain your boat, car or tent, and you end up carrying dead soldiers a lot longer than you would like sometimes.  And the one thing they should be good at--throwing them away—isn’t even that easy. Some waste facilities don’t want them. Others want you to puncture them. With what? Meanwhile the marine and RV industries use easily refillable DOT certified tanks. The Gas Growler takes the same trusted technologies and customizes them to make them easy to fill, carry, and store.


How do you know that the Gas Growler saves 100’s of Green Bottles from going to the landfill?

The math is pretty simple. If you do only 40 hours of heating a year, that takes about 40 green propane bottles. The Gas Growler is certified initially for 12 years. So 12 x 40 = 480. If you are a commercial guide, running a heater in your drift boat, that’s a lot of green cans to haul around or throw away. Many guides run their heaters 4 hours a day, 7 days a week during fishing season. That’s 100s of propane bottles per season. They need Gas Growlers, and so do you!


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