FireCan Rocks
FireCan Rocks
FireCan Rocks
FireCan Rocks
FireCan Rocks

FireCan Rocks

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Made from pure lava rock! Make your FireCan™ flames dance!
• 5 lbs of natural tumbled lava stone
• Fits perfect over the FireCan™ burners
• Provides variable flames for a more natural look.

WARNING: Volcanic rock has the ability to trap moisture and fracture or pop upon rapid heating. When using lava rock apply heat gradually and at low levels to reduce the release of any moisture or internal steam buildup. 

Customer Reviews

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Michael C
Fire Rocks

The fire rocks made the flames look more realistic, provided additional heat from the sides and overall a better experience. Thanks for a quality product Ignik.

Jason Freer

I am not exaggerating, these are FANTASTIC rocks... First I am a huge fan of the FIRECAN and I wanted to research and find the best set of rocks for heat retention and flame disbursement. After testing other firepit rocks I found that the Ignik Rocks are a whole other level and WELL WORTH the money. They are a great change from the typical lava rocks you see at the hardware store. The Ignik rocks come in a heavy duty, well sealed box. The rocks themselves are dense, smooth to the touch and have real weight to them when you hold them in your hand. The weight also helps hold heat when in use. The flame you get when using the rocks in your FIRECAN looks like an actual camp fire because the gas and flame move at random around the rocks producing a natural role and dance of the fire. If you are thinking about adding rocks to your FIRECAN, spend the money and get these ones, you will love that you did!

Karen Tucker
Good addition

I love my little firecan, so decided to buy the lava rocks to make it even better. I just tried them out and it makes a great little fire even better. It seems to be warmer (29 degrees out and it feels great on my hands). The flames seem to dance more and look more natural. I bought them from Ignik because they were selected for this specific fire pit and I wanted them to work with it. I'm glad I bought them. Great company, good quality stuff!

Nice Rocks to Fill the Space

Since we got our Fire Can last year, I've wanted to add something to fill the open space and act as a radiant surface for the heat. The five pounds of rocks fills the space and works well. This makes the firecan more useful as a firepit and table top fire pot.

Whole new ballgame!

SO glad I got these rocks to add to my firecan!! It was pretty decent without them, but I really felt it was a 2-person max fire pit, with a lot of huddling. Until adding these! It at least doubled if not tripled the height of the flame, and did the same to the heat disbursement! 4 of us very happily soaked up heat from this guy while standing around it during a tailgating lunch while out snowboarding.
Would highly recommend enhancing your firecan with these bad boys.
Also, much nicer than what you would get picking up a bag of lava rocks at Home Depot or the like.

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