Topside Heated Blanket
Topside Heated Blanket
Topside Heated Blanket
Topside Heated Blanket
Topside Heated Blanket
Topside Heated Blanket
Topside Heated Blanket
Topside Heated Blanket
Topside Heated Blanket
Topside Heated Blanket
Topside Heated Blanket

Topside Heated Blanket

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BUILT FOR VEHICLE BORNE ADVENTURE. Whether sleeping in the parking lot up at Mt. Baker, surf trips in the PNW, or those cold winter nights at the cabin, the Topside provides you with the extra heat you need to stay out longer.

48W max heat output
Remembers your settings with built-in safety sensors
100% Post-consumer recycled polyester shell and insulation
12V Vehicle Adapter Included


The next generation of outdoor heat. Ignik's Battery Powered Heat collection provides the warmest outdoor heat on the market. With output heat up to 48W, an all new Smart Controller, and 100% post consumer recycled shell and insulation, this collections let's you feel good about gettin outdoors and staying out longer.


There are a lot of 12V power stations on the market. For Topside Heated Blanket™ and Flipside Heated Bed Cover™ we ideally recommend a minimum battery capacity of 500Wh w/ 4A output (40W), and for Backside Heated Seat Pads™ a minimum of 70Wh w/ 2A output (24W). Please contact the battery manufacturers for more information about battery capacity, dimensions, and other specifications. Here are a few links to some brands that we feel will work well with our products. 




Whether sleeping in the parking lot up at Mt. Baker, surf trips in the PNW, or those cold winter nights at the cabin, the Topside provides you with the extra heat you need to stay out longer.


Built For Vehicle Borne Adventure

We reinvented a warm night's sleep, from the ground up. Whether in your rooftop tent in the North Cascades, RV'ing the Olympic Peninsula, or keeping cozy in the cabin, the Flipside makes any place you lay a heated bed.



Using a 12V power supply, our Heated Sleep System products will operate in 'Max Heat Mode,' and can reach a maximum temperature of 140 degrees F. Using a 5V USB-A power supply, all compatible products operate in 'Comfort Mode', reaching about 85 degrees F. Products operating in Comfort Mode provide an extra layer of warmth, but won't be hot to the touch.

Yes. Each device in our Heated Sleep System line is powered by 12V rechargeable power supplies, and they do not come with a power supply included. All products connect directly to a standard 5.5 x 2.1mm barrel plug. Check the details for each product to see what adapters are included or available. 

Maybe! Our original Heated Sleep Systems line (Heated Sleeping Bag Liner, Heated Pad Cover, Heated Seat Pad) operate with a 5v or 12v power source. 

Our newer generation of seat pads, the Backside and Backside XL, have slightly different power requirements. These products require 24 watts of power; in other words, a 12v power source that supplies at least 2.0 amps. They come with a USB-C adapter as well as a 5.5 x 2.1 mm barrel connector, and can also be used with our 12v vehicle aux adapter (sold separately).

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Wes H
Efficient and comfy warmth!

We've used both the first and latest generation of this blanket. I really appreciate the improvements Ignik made between the two versions, it really shows they listen to their customers and then some when improving their products.

We've used the current blanket throughout the last part of Fall and this Winter in our unheated pop top truck camper in Montana. We use this in conjunction with a 25F double bag and in temps from 15F+ (so far), either as a top blanket or underneath. The heated coverage is excellent, especially going over two people. We really love being able to micro adjust the temp and timing setting, depending on the severity of the weather I'll run it for 2-4 hours at bed time on a lower setting and for an hour in the morning at medium before we get up. It sips power without noticing much of a drop from our 500w battery. The wiring is much better improved on this model, it seems like it'll be durable and isn't very noticeable, but long enough to reach from our cabover bed down to the truck bed. The blanket material itself is very nice and would be an effective blanket without power, my wife uses it at home all the time as well.

I have no critiques, in hind sight I would consider or might pickup their heated under pad/blanket as well. I really like having the heat underneath us and it seems very efficient to heat our bed this way, allowing our sleeping bag to capture the rising heat.

Scott Somerville
Doesn't work after one weekend of use

Love this blanket... When it worked. Got 1 weekend trip out of it.

Hi Scott,

Thank you for taking the time to review this product and share your expereince with us!

While we are happy to hear that you loved the blanket - we certainly want you to have a product that works time and time again (and not just over the weekend). Our customer service team will be in touch to help see what we can do to help make things right!

- Ignik

Elizabeth Lunde
Wish it had an AC adapter

I wish there was an AC adapter because I plug mine into an Ecoflow power bank and the 12 volt plug is always coming out in the middle of the night. The AC would work a lot better. I can’t find a plug

Just a great blanket for car camping!

Seriously this is just a great blanket, even without the power. I've used this blanket a lot lately as part of my 4-runner camping setup. I've only had two nights where I've plugged it into my battery and it was great that it shut off after 3 hours because it saved power and I was already too hot. It fits perfectly over my pad and I actually just sleep on top of it in my sleeping bag. The fact that it's made from recycled materials and is a quality built blanket, makes it worth the money for me.

Wes H
Blanket is okay, DC plug failed fast.

Bought the blanket a while ago ('21), but have only used it indoors with the USB connection (maybe twice). First time we took it out and needed it camping in the cold (30F) the DC connector didn't work on a 500w fully charged battery. Have since tried it on other power sources and no good. So bad DC connector from Ignik.

The design is interesting, the heating elements cover a really small area of the blanket, probably better to use it as a heated pad underneath. There's a small patch for your upper body and a smaller patch for your feet, both down the middle of the blanket. The blanket is big enough to cover 2 people, but the patch design make it better for one person. The USB connector is super short, way shorter than the DC wire (10" vs 4' about), which means you'll need your power source near your head, or have the small foot heated section for your upper body with the connector at your feet. Would've been more useful with 2 wide thinner patches of equal size, if the patch area have to be this small, that would make the blanket more usable.

The Blanket material itself is a soft, thin material and pleasant against the skin. It doesn't seem to be stitched between the layers, so if sitting up the blanket tends to "ooze" off. It is thick enough to provide extra insulation when the power piece fails, would probably be a good layer in mild temps without power.

Hopefully the design's been improved for the current model and price point, wouldn't buy what I have again.

Hi Wes,

Thank you for taking the time to share this review with us! We're so very sorry to hear that you have had a disappointing experience with our previous blanket model. We always want to stand behind our products, and would be happy to make this right. Someone from our customer service department will be reaching out to you to discuss options.


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