Refillable Lighter
Refillable Lighter
Refillable Lighter

Refillable Lighter

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The only lighter you'll need

• Easily refillable 
• Flexible for lighting those hard to get at spots
• Windproof tip and flame
• Works great with the FireCan™
• Extra durable construction

Customer Reviews

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John McClain
Review update

Just a thank you to the customer service at IGNIK. After submitting my first review I was contacted right away with and an offer to replace or refund my purchase. I chose to receive a replacement. It arrived the next day.
After filling and waiting I started clicking. No fire. Darn. So I tried ignoring the startup instructions and turned the flame control wide open. It lit right up. Fire, yay. Happy accident.
I had tried this with the first one too, but to no success. It still would not light.
So I guess this might be something to try if others find lighting is not happening for them.
Now it's a great product. Hope it lasts.

Terry McClements
Refillable lighter, Ignik.

Nice compliment for the Firecan

Powerful Lighter

I am very happy with this lighter. Good strong flame. Works every time. It is not like other stick lighters in that the flame does take a few moments to go out after release of the button, but is very similar to the same action you would find in a cigar lighter.

David Cook
Best of the best

I have been looking for a dependable lighter for a long time. This refillable lighter always works doesn’t require two hands to light and gives a longer flame for starting my amo can fire can heater that works amazing for myself and my wife. Thank you so much.

matt bardelli
smart design

I love propane and butane products as well as natural gas products. This little lighter will replace all those cheap, throw away lighters from Bic. It is durable, easy to use, and REFILLABLE (thus economical) if you believe in material items with intrinsic value, then consider this product.

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