Mtn Collection XL Bundle
Mtn Collection XL Bundle
Mtn Collection XL Bundle
Mtn Collection XL Bundle
Mtn Collection XL Bundle

Mtn Collection XL Bundle

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The Mtn Collection is more than just a new colorway, it celebrates a lifestyle. Those who are Raised to Roam. The friends and families that live and breathe the mountain air and continue to get after it year after year. Passing the thirst for adventure on to the next generation takes grit, passion, and determination. Staying warm is a huge part of it.

Bundle Includes:

  • Topside Heated Blanket™
  • Backside Heated Pad XL™
  • Gas Growler Deluxe MTN


The next generation of outdoor heat. Ignik's Battery Powered Heat collection provides the warmest outdoor heat on the market. With output heat up to 48W, an all new Smart Controller, and 100% post consumer recycled shell and insulation, this collections let's you feel good about gettin outdoors and staying out longer.


There are a lot of 12V power stations on the market. For Topside Heated Blanket™ and Flipside Heated Bed Cover™ we ideally recommend a minimum battery capacity of 500Wh w/ 4A output (40W), and for Backside Heated Seat Pads™ a minimum of 70Wh w/ 2A output (24W). Please contact the battery manufacturers for more information about battery capacity, dimensions, and other specifications. Here are a few links to some brands that we feel will work well with our products. 




Whether sleeping in the parking lot up at Mt. Baker, surf trips in the PNW, or those cold winter nights at the cabin, the Topside provides you with the extra heat you need to stay out longer.


Built For Vehicle Borne Adventure

We reinvented a warm night's sleep, from the ground up. Whether in your rooftop tent in the North Cascades, RV'ing the Olympic Peninsula, or keeping cozy in the cabin, the Flipside makes any place you lay a heated bed.



Using a 12V power supply, our Heated Sleep System products will operate in 'Max Heat Mode,' and can reach a maximum temperature of 140 degrees F. Using a 5V USB-A power supply, all compatible products operate in 'Comfort Mode', reaching about 85 degrees F. Products operating in Comfort Mode provide an extra layer of warmth, but won't be hot to the touch.

Yes. Each device in our Heated Sleep System line is powered by 12V rechargeable power supplies, and they do not come with a power supply included. All products connect directly to a standard 5.5 x 2.1mm barrel plug. Check the details for each product to see what adapters are included or available. 

Maybe! Our original Heated Sleep Systems line (Heated Sleeping Bag Liner, Heated Pad Cover, Heated Seat Pad) operate with a 5v or 12v power source. 

Our newer generation of seat pads, the Backside and Backside XL, have slightly different power requirements. These products require 24 watts of power; in other words, a 12v power source that supplies at least 2.0 amps. They come with a USB-C adapter as well as a 5.5 x 2.1 mm barrel connector, and can also be used with our 12v vehicle aux adapter (sold separately).

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