Tablet/Device Warmer Multi Packs

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Tablet and laptop batteries have a hard time in the cold, often going from 100% to shutting down without warning. Who wants to lose unsaved data, be forced to shut down before the latest snowboarding video is uploaded, or get cut off while presenting at the work meeting while "working from ski slope"? Keep that battery warm and keep that device on! 

Ignik Device Warmers keep your batteries warm.

  • Attaches easily to warm your battery and improve device performance.
  • Provides 14 hours of cold-weather protection.
  • Medical-grade adhesive will not mar your tablet or laptop.
  • Safe, Natural, comfortable heat.
  • 98% Biodegradable. Contents can be composted after use.

Your device goes where you do. Let Ignik make sure it will work when you need it.

Keep an Ignik Device Warmer in your car or pack for emergencies, or cold-weather outings.  Use it to keep your tablet or laptop working in the cold (for best results, put it in 10 minutes before you go out.) Or if you forget, use one to get your device started again.

Perfect for: Snow Sports, Running, Fishing, Camping, Hunting, Tailgating, and other cold weather activities.  

Our patent-pending temperature regulation system preserves your device warmer, allowing you to warm your device when and where you need to.  Medical grade adhesive will not mar tablet, laptop, or case. 

How it works:

It’s really simple to use. Just peel off the adhesive label and put a Device Warmer over the battery of your tablet or laptop prior to going out in the cold.  Our safe, natural air-activated warmer keeps your device's battery at a normal temperature, allowing your device to function normally even in extreme cold.  Device unexpectedly out of juice because of the cold?  Slap an Ignik Device Warmer on the back of your phone, expose it to air for 5-10 minutes, and our device warmer will gradually return your device to a normal temperature, allowing the device's battery to work again. It's like a jump start for your electronics! 

Best of all, they are 98% Biodegradable.  When you are finished, just cut the warmer sack and compost the natural chemicals inside.  They make great fertilizer!



      Ignik hand warmers use a patent pending temperature regulation system to give you more control over how long your hand warmers last.

      Proven as a better choice for extra outdoor heat. 

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      Available in Multi-Packs


      Approximately 4 x 5 in | 10 X 12.7 cm


      .1 lbs | 45g


      Iron, Vermiculite, Salt, Other Natural Materials

      Tablet/Device Warmer Multi Packs
      Tablet/Device Warmer Multi Packs
      Tablet/Device Warmer Multi Packs
      Tablet/Device Warmer Multi Packs
      Tablet/Device Warmer Multi Packs
      Tablet/Device Warmer Multi Packs
      Tablet/Device Warmer Multi Packs